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A California Woman Collects More Than $1 Million After Getting Rear-Ended by a Dump Truck Going 5 MPH

We've all seen the stereotype played out on tv and in movies. The scene depicts someone whose vehicle was lightly tapped by another. The occupant suffered no injury, yet the occupant reappears later wearing a massive neck brace and other badges of serious injury. The scene is often played for laughs based on the premise that a low-speed crash causing substantial harm is absurd. In the real world, low-speed crashes can, and often do, cause significant injuries. Just because your crash happened at a low speed and the vehicles suffered little damage, don't be misled into believing that those facts...

Auto AccidentsandTruck Accident

An Increase in Self-Driving Vehicles in the Bay Area Inevitably Means an Increase in Accidents Involving Self-Driving Vehicles

Modern technology has delivered many things that probably seemed like science fiction 30 years ago. Most of us, for example, have a seemingly infinite font of information right in the palm of our hand with our smartphones. And some of us may find ourselves riding in a vehicle operated by... itself. Of course, for all their benefits, self-driving vehicles come with their own set of challenges, including crashes where the self-driving vehicle was at fault. Whether you were hurt because of errors made by a self-driving vehicle or a human driver, be sure that you protect yourself by putting an...

Auto AccidentsandVehicle Accident

What to Do if You’re Not From California But You Have to Litigate Your Injury Lawsuit in California

The greater San Francisco Bay Area (including San Mateo County) is home to more than 7.5 million people, making it one of the larger metro areas in the country. Still, there are millions upon millions of people who not only don't live here but also have never even been here at all. (Side note: if you haven't yet, come check us out. It's amazing here!) However, even if you've never set foot in the great state of California, that doesn't mean that you may not find yourself in a situation where you are litigating your vehicle accident injury case in...

Auto AccidentsandTruck Accident

A Fatal Accident Leaves a Bay Area Bicyclist Dead and Spawns Litigation Over an Allegedly Unsafe Roundabout Intersection

Bicyclists face a wide array of dangers on the road, including speeding drivers, inattentive drivers, and impaired drivers. Another thing that bicyclists shouldn't -- but sometimes do -- have to deal with is roadways whose construction places bicyclists like them at enhanced risk of harm. Whether your bicycle accident was the result of a negligent driver, an unsafely constructed roadway, or both, you may be able to recover substantial compensation through legal action. Get in touch with a knowledgeable San Mateo bicycle accident lawyer right away to discuss your legal options. An example of a bicycle accident allegedly caused by...

Auto AccidentsandBicycle AccidentsandVehicle Accident

What to Do if One of the Parties Liable to You in Your California Auto Injury Case is a Government Entity

Success in an injury accident lawsuit relies on many different things. It requires proper evidence that proves the facts you've alleged. It also requires factual allegations that meet the law's standards for liability. But none of that may matter if you have not followed all of the procedural rules. A procedural defect may potentially destroy even the strongest of cases. That's why the right San Mateo auto accident attorney is so important; your attorney can make sure sure you are compliant with all the rules and avoid the pitfalls that await the unaware. The bus crash case of one Fresno-area...

Auto AccidentsandVehicle Accident

Dealing With Injuries Suffered as a Result of a Bad-Weather Auto Accident in Northern California

Many people gravitate to northern California for its beautiful climate, but our area is no stranger to bad weather. Whether it's fog, rain, or ice, it can have a massive impact on road conditions. If you've been hurt in a fog (or other bad weather) crash, it is vitally important to do a genuinely thorough investigation of your accident, which means it is essential to have an experienced San Mateo auto accident lawyer on your side. The most recent of these kinds of tragic fog-related accidents occurred to our east in Tuolumne County earlier this month. In dense fog, a...

Auto AccidentsandCar Accident

What to Do If You’ve Been Injured in California Due to a Crash Involving a Large Animal

One of the many benefits of living in Northern California is the area's diversity. You have major urban centers like San Francisco and Oakland but, within a relatively short distance, you can encounter nature's beauty in rural areas. This means lots of things, not the least of which is that the area is home to lots of wild animals, in addition to livestock on farms and ranches. If you have been injured in a vehicle accident involving a large, non-domesticated animal, then the accident may have been the result of the owner's failure to keep that animal off the road,...

Auto AccidentsandVehicle Accident

What a Recent Fatal Accident, and One Driver’s Criminal Charges, Can Teach About Negligence Lawsuits in California

There can be lots of different reasons why the driver who hit you in a vehicle crash did so. Sometimes, it's just flawed driving; other times, it's something more. Maybe they were speeding, maybe they were texting while driving, or maybe they were under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If the driver who hit you was cited or charged criminally in connection with the accident that harmed you, then that citation or conviction may be very important to your civil case. Check with a knowledgeable San Mateo vehicle accident lawyer about your legal options if you were hit by...

Auto AccidentsandCar Accident

Getting the Most from Your California Auto Accident Lawsuit, Even if Your Were Partly to Blame for the Crash

First and foremost, we all hope that, when we get into a vehicle, we won't be in a collision. Failing that, we all hope that, if we are in a crash, the evidence will show that we were free of any blame for the accident. Real-life accidents, though, are often filled with many actions by various drivers that impact who is at fault for the crash and who isn't, making the issue of liability one colored in shades of gray. If you were hurt in one of those not-black-and-white crashes, you need the help of a skilled San Mateo auto...

Auto AccidentsandCar AccidentandVehicle Accident

A New California Appeals Court Decision Strengthens the Options for People Hit and Injured by Unlicensed Drivers

There are so many details that can go into building a negligence lawsuit that will generate the outcome you need to compensate you fully for the harm you suffered in your vehicle accident. One of the most essential tasks is successfully identifying everyone who is potentially liable to you – and including all of them in your lawsuit. This step is critical because, the more culpable entities and people you can sue, the better your chances of getting everything you deserve. It is also a place where it pays to have an experienced San Mateo accident lawyer on your side....

Auto AccidentsandPedestrian Accident

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