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How Automatic Emergency Braking Systems May Cause, Rather Than Prevent, Auto Accidents… and What You Can Do About It in California

You may have seen the TV commercial. In it, a young man and woman face one of the greatest challenges that vex couples: where to go out to eat. The man, who was driving, becomes distracted and nearly rear-ends the taco truck in front of him. He's saved by his SUV, which engages its automatic emergency braking system. In this case, the vehicle's automatic braking possibly prevented a crash but, you may wonder, what if the cause of my crash was not human error, but a malfunction in a vehicle's automated braking system? These kinds of accidents can (and do)...

Auto AccidentsandCar Accident

Northern California Is Now Home to More Driverless Vehicles Than Ever… So What Should I Do if I Was Hit by One?

Last week, this blog touched upon vehicles with automatic emergency braking and the problems that sometimes arise with that new technology. Of course, automatic emergency braking isn't the only cutting-edge technology on the roads. There are also self-driving vehicles, which are steadily increasing in number. Just as with automatic emergency braking technology, the technology of self-driving vehicles is not 100% foolproof, meaning that accidents caused by driverless vehicles have happened. Whether you were hurt because of errors made by a self-driving vehicle or a human driver, be sure that you protect yourself by putting an experienced San Mateo auto accident...

Auto AccidentsandCar Accident

‘Speed Kills’: The Severe Toll Speeding Drivers Take on the California Drivers, Passengers, and Others Around Them

"Speed kills. We are seeing significant number of... deaths resulting from those drivers who are speeding." Those were the words of San Jose's mayor to ABC 7 recently. As state and local leaders weigh additional measures to tighten enforcement of speed limits, the harsh reality is that many speeding drivers have (and will) leave behind a wake of crashes, injuries, and, too often, deaths. If you're the one harmed by a speeding driver, then it's worth your while to contact an experienced San Mateo auto accident lawyer, as the legal system may allow you to obtain significant relief. The mayor's...

Auto AccidentsandCar Accident

The Dangers of Impatient Drivers Who Fail to Heed Safety Rules on California’s Highways and Roadways

Some years ago, a singer who eventually earned far greater fame and success as an actress sang the lyrics "Rushing and racing... Moving so fast, I'm forgetting my purpose" in a song called "Slow Me Down." In a way, these are ideas many California drivers should heed. They're so busy rushing and racing behind the wheel that safety gets forgotten. When that happens and you're hurt because of it, you owe it to yourself to get in touch with an experienced San Mateo auto accident lawyer. Certainly, speeding is one way in which impatient drivers cause harm. Another is drivers...

Auto AccidentsandCar Accident

The Sign Says ‘Pass With Care.’ Here’s What You Can Do When a California Driver Doesn’t and You’re Hurt.

Many drivers fall victim to impatience. It may cause drivers to do ill-advised things sometimes, such as executing unsafe passes and lane changes. When you or a loved one has been hurt because of this kind of unsafe driving action, the law allows you to seek compensation in court. A knowledgeable San Mateo auto accident lawyer can help you tackle the legal process and deal with the insurance companies. Chances are, most of us have been there. You're traveling along a two-lane road behind someone who, you believe, is moving unnecessarily slow. You become more and more impatient as the...

Auto AccidentsandCar Accident

Road Rage in California and What to Do if it Impacts Your Family

Eight years ago, superstar football quarterback Aaron Rodgers famously told fans of his team, the Green Bay Packers, that they should "R-E-L-A-X" and clam down about the team's poor play. While far away from Wisconsin, drivers in California could stand to heed this advice and relax on the roads. Aggressive driving and road rage are twin troubles that, too often, lead to injuries or death. If you or a loved one has been harmed by one of these kinds of drivers, an experienced San Mateo auto accident lawyer can help you undertake a civil legal action and get everything you...

Auto Accidents

How a Fatally Injured Rideshare User’s Family Landed a $6M Judgment Against Lyft from a California Jury

According to statistics published by Forbes, the number of Uber rides exploded from 140 million in 2014 to nearly seven billion in 2019. Lyft is not far behind, possessing roughly 32% of the market share. A safety report that Lyft released last year showed that 105 people died in crashes involving Lyft drivers. What this tells you is that a lot of people have been hurt or died in Uber or Lyft crashes and, in a significant portion of those, the rideshare driver was the one to blame. Although these companies generally try to classify their drivers as "independent contractors"...

Auto AccidentsandCar Accident

​Can a Car Accident Claim be Reopened?

You suffered injuries in a car accident and filed an insurance claim with the at-fault driver’s insurer. The insurance company makes a quick offer to settle your claim, and having money in your hand is an attractive prospect. You are watching the medical bills pile up, and you lost income from missing work, so you are behind on your bills. You decide to accept the offer to pay as many bills as possible. Later, you realize you need more medical care than you realized. You are out of work again following another surgery, and now you have more unpaid bills...

Auto Accidents

Aumento de casos de accidentes viales en escenarios inusuales en California

Cuando piensa sobre demandas por heridas por accidentes de auto, usted se podría imaginar que la persona lesionada demandando a la otra que lo chocó en la parte trasera del vehículo o quien hizo una vuelta inapropiada al frente de él. En realidad, los accidentes de auto pueden suceder en un gran margen de situaciones. Si usted fue herido en una situación inusual, usted podría, comprensiblemente, sentirse inseguro de cómo proceder legalmente. Ya sea su circunstancia grandemente única o fuera de lo ordinario, conviene tener un equipo de representantes con conocimiento en lesiones en su búsqueda de una compensación. En...

Auto Accidents

Cómo superar una defensa que afirma que está “fingiendo” y lograr el éxito en su caso de un accidente de carro de bajo impacto

Lo más probable usted ha visto en la televisión películas como esta: Un vehículo es ligeramente chocado por detrás por otro vehículo. El conductor del carro principal sale del vehículo diciendo “¡Oh! Mi cuello” en un modo muy exagerado… O, tal vez, el pasajero apareció al día o la semana siguiente usando un collarín llamativamente masivo y voluminoso o un halo ortopédico cervical. Aunque ver a una persona usando esto en películas y televisión podría ser motivo de burla, la cruda realidad es que accidentes de bajo impacto pueden causar, y llevan, a personas a sufrir serias lesiones diarias. Si...

Auto Accidents

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