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A Multi-Vehicle Crash in Northern California Shines a Spotlight on the Issues of Speeding and Distracted Driving

A recent social media post from an area police department, published in the aftermath of a major vehicle crash, counseled readers on the benefits of avoiding speeding, aggressive driving, and driving while distracted. As professionals who work daily with the victims of auto accidents, our San Mateo car accident lawyers know the value of what the police were advocating. Too many times, failure to drive defensively and/or follow the laws and the rules of the road can end in terrible outcomes. KRON 4 in San Jose covered the story of a recent crash in that city. According to the KRON...
Car accidents

California Superior Court Finalizes a $43M Judgment for Escrow Officers Denied Overtime Pay Because of Misclassification as ‘Exempt’ Employees

Oftentimes, case law or statutes erect rules, but also recognize exemptions. California's overtime laws are no different, mandating time-and-a-half overtime compensation for workers who work more than 40 hours in a week... unless that worker qualifies as an "exempt" employee. What these rules also create, though, is the possibility for employers to disingenuously misclassify workers as exempt (whether they're really non-exempt) just to avoid paying overtime compensation. If that has happened to you, and you've lost overtime compensation you were owed, then you should act with all due haste to contact an experienced San Mateo employment law lawyer. The above scenario...
Wage and Hour Law

Video From Here in San Mateo Shows a Near Tragedy as a SUV Almost Runs Over Child in a Crosswalk

Thousands of pedestrians are hurt every year in California and hundreds more die. Often, the causes of these accidents are drivers who were going too fast, drivers who were distracted by their phones or other electronic devices, drivers who were driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, and drivers who were driving while impaired by drowsiness/fatigue. If you've been hurt in an accident like this, recognize that prompt action is essential. Part of that includes getting in touch with a knowledgeable San Mateo pedestrian accident lawyer. A harrowing scene from here in San Mateo caught the eyes of the...
Pedestrian Accident

Section 998 Offers of Compromise, Awards of Prejudgment Interest, and Other Factors to Consider as You Weigh Settling Your California Wrongful Termination Case

When you need to sue as a result of your wrongful termination from your job, there are a lot of things you have to take into consideration. Are you open to settling the case? If you are, what would a fair settlement look like? These and other analyses are places where counsel from a knowledgeable San Mateo wrongful termination lawyer is invaluable. Not only can the right employment law lawyer help you determine the strength of your case, but he/she can also help you assess the value of your case, and whether or not a settlement offer you've received is a...
Wrongful Termination

​What Are the Most Common Types of Motorcycle Accident Injuries?

Motorcyclists face an abnormally high risk of serious injuries. Motorcyclists struck by other vehicles or flung from their motorcycle may suffer: Head trauma Broken bones Severe road rash Serious cuts and bruises Paralysis Internal injuries Motorcyclists do not have the protections that those in motor vehicles have. When another vehicle hits them, or the motorcyclists must evade a collision, they may strike the road, median, signs, or other objects. Injuries are a near-certainty when motorcyclists are involved in accidents. Injuries Can Change the Course of a Motorcyclist’s Life Severe injuries can be truly life-altering. When a motorcyclist emerges from a...
Motorcycle Accidents

​What Damages Can I Recover After a Bike Accident?

Recoverable damages after a bike accident may include: All medical expenses related to the bike accident Pain and suffering damages, including physical pain and emotional anguish Lost income Lost earning power, including loss of potential bonuses, promotions, and benefits Repair or replacement of the bike and other damaged property The cost of temporary transportation Any other damages stemming from the bike accident You may pursue a wrongful death claim if a bicycle accident proves fatal. Recoverable damages for wrongful death may include those listed above, funeral expenses, loss of consortium, lost financial support, and other damages. Reach out to a...
Bicycle Accidents

​Should I Get a Lawyer for a Motorcycle Accident?

Yes, you should get a lawyer for a motorcycle accident because: Motorcycle accidents can involve serious damages: Your case may require a substantial financial recovery. You do not want to risk losing the recovery you deserve because you failed to retain a capable lawyer. You may be dealing with serious injuries: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports show that motorcycle accidents suffer serious injuries at higher rates than other motorists. As you work to recover from injuries, handling a legal case will put more undue stress on you. Protect your health and legal rights by hiring a lawyer. Your...
Motorcycle Accidents

​Unqualified Truck Drivers

When a trucking company hires a driver, it must first ensure that the driver is qualified. As you may suspect, an ill-prepared driver behind the wheel of a truck weighing tens of thousands of pounds is an immense hazard to life and safety. If a trucking company hires an unqualified driver who caused an accident, you can pursue compensation from liable parties. How Trucking Companies May Ensure that Drivers Are Qualified The trucking industry is highly regulated, and trucking companies should have no confusion when hiring and training drivers. Most commercial truckers must have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), which...
Truck Accident

​How Much Compensation Do You Get for a Pedestrian Accident?

How much compensation you may get for a pedestrian accident depends on several factors. No two pedestrian accident cases are identical, and a lawyer can calculate your case value. How a Lawyer May Determine the Cost of Your Pedestrian Accident An attorney may calculate the cost of your pedestrian accident case step-by-step. An investigation may be the first step. During this investigation, your attorney may: Speak with witnesses: Witnesses may provide compelling testimony about your pedestrian accident. If necessary, your lawyer will speak directly with witnesses to your accident. Witnesses may also provide testimony about circumstances that led to your...
Auto AccidentsandPedestrian Accident

​Can You Sue Someone for Running You Over?

You can generally sue someone for running you over. However, you may choose to hire a pedestrian accident attorney to provide a more definitive answer. Every instance of a motorist striking a pedestrian is unique, and you deserve a personalized assessment of your case. Who Is Liable When a Motorist Hits a Pedestrian? Motorists are most often responsible for accidents. When a motorist strikes a pedestrian, therefore, they may be the party liable for resulting damages. A motorist may strike a pedestrian because: They were texting or distracted in another way while driving They were intoxicated They failed to yield...
Auto AccidentsandPedestrian Accident