Injury and death cases are almost always handled on a contingent fee basis. This means the attorney’s fees are paid at the very end of the case from the sums collected by settlement or by judgment entered by the court. The amount of the fee (a percentage of the recovery) should be discussed with the lawyer at the time of hiring. This method of compensating lawyers levels the playing field between injured people and richer defendants. People who could not afford to fight back against powerful wrongdoers can obtain quality legal representation without fear of financial ruin if the case is not won.

Labor Day Weekend Auto Accident

The San Mateo Police Department, Traffic Enforcement Unit, will be conducting A Labor Day Weekend Sobriety/Driver License Checkpoint.

Labor Day is coming up and DUI task forces will be out looking for impaired drivers throughout this holiday weekend. There will be many saturated areas of police officers locally and they will pull anyone over that commits any minor traffic violation.  They will be putting several drivers through field sobriety tests, breath tests, and even blood tests if they take that driver down to the police station.

Due to multiple cars being on the road and many potential drunk drivers, there are high number of auto accidents.  If you or anyone you know is involved in an auto accident over this holiday weekend, please contact us today so that we can help with this difficult process. You need to be dealing with an experienced Personal Injury Attorney

If you are at the lake and on a boat, this will apply to the person who is driving the boat. You can get a Boating DUI, which is called Operating under the Influence (OUI) while boating.

San Mateo Personal Injury Lawyer

Most of our clients were folks that were minding their own business and didn’t do anything wrong and suddenly they have been in a situation that caused an injury.

We have been representing consumers in San Mateo and throughout San Francisco Bay Area for over 50 years. We handle cases like wrongful death, personal injury, motorcycle accidents and more. We believe that if we do not win a case, then you as a consumer should not have to pay anything to our firm
It’s not about the money for us. Its about ensuring that our clients future healthcare needs are taken care of. We pride ourselves on being honest and reliable. Most importantly we feel that our lawyers get the job done accurately and timely.

What we try to do is bring a highly skilled group of experienced attorneys together to work on your case. We feel that there is not problem that our experienced staff cannot work through to figure out. Please contact us today so that we can begin work on your case.


Before hiring a lawyer the client should learn about the law firm’s reputation and credentials. Ask questions about the lawyer’s education, training and experience. Find out if the lawyer has handled cases similar to yours. Make sure you understand how you will be expected to pay the law film’s fees and costs. What would happen if your case is not won? Who will do the work on your case and what will be expected from you?

San Mateo County TLA Tort & Trial Seminar

During this year’s event Craig Needham was recognized for 30 years of dedication to Torts & Trial. Craig is a partner of Needham, Kepner, & Fish in San Jose, CA. The SMCTLA board donated $1,000.00 to the Children’s Skin Disease Foundation in Craig’s name.  Craig is shown in this picture with Chantel Fitting, partner of Galine, Frye, & Fitting. Chantel is also the president of SMCTLA.

For more information about this event please click on the link below.