Whistleblower Cases

If you are an employee that has observed fraud, misconduct, or other illegal activity by your employer, co-workers, or a business or corporation, you can report this misconduct to the authorities and receive whistleblower protection. Whistleblower laws generally protect employees from retaliation from their employers, supervisors, and co-workers when reporting illegal activity that violates state and federal laws and regulations, and/or activity that is a danger to the public such as unsafe work protocols, work environments, and other conditions. These state and federal law protections (such as the Whistleblower Protection Act) allows employees to file a claim and bring to light improper business practices.

Whistleblowers are often met with hostility from their workplace and suffer from harassment, termination, demotion, threats, and other wrongful activity because they have had the courage to speak up against their employers. However, whistleblowers are protected in order to encourage the reporting of unlawful activity in order to ensure the safety to the general public and to weed out business, companies, and corporations that break the law.

In addition, as a whistleblower, you may be entitled to qualify for a reward. First, an experienced employment lawyer will have to determine what type of whistleblower claim you have. For example, whistleblower cases that affect the government, such as an SEC whistleblower claim, would require recovering more than $1 million for the whistleblower to earn a reward. Again, these are instances where an experienced lawyer would step in to help.

You do not have to stand by and watch something that you believe is wrong. If you feel that your employer is acting in a way that is unlawful or unsafe, please call our attorneys for a free consultation to determine whether you are protected as a whistleblower. Every claim is different so it is important to speak to a lawyer that specializes in whistleblower actions and familiar with these types of claims.

If you feel that you were terminated because you were involved in whistleblower activity, it is imperative you speak with an employment lawyer IMMEDIATELY to preserve any relevant statutes and to pursue your claim vigorously and expeditiously.

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