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Your Inability to Remember Your Fall Accident is Not a ‘Deal-Breaker’ for a Successful Premises Liability Lawsuit in California

In a perfect world, your slip-and-fall accident would have a plethora of eyewitnesses, all of whom saw the hazard, saw that there was no warning about the problem, and at least some of whom had personal knowledge that the property owner knew about the issue and knew that it had been there quite a while. The real world is not perfect, though. Even if your case utterly lacks eyewitness accounts, don't be intimidated into giving up on your case. Instead, make sure to talk to an experienced San Mateo premises liability lawyer who may be able to shed light on...

Premises Liability

Getting the Most from Your California Premises Liability Case that Requires Both Negotiating Settlements and Litigating at Trial

Sometimes, your premises liability case is straightforward. There was just you and the homeowner who neglected to repair a massive hole in their yard. Many other times, an injury case maybe something that looks like a strategy game, with an array of "players" involved and a huge number of "moving parts" that all have the possibility of affecting the final outcome. Whatever the nature of your case, but especially if yours looks more like the latter scenario than the former example, it pays to make sure you have legal representation from an experienced San Mateo premises liability lawyer. Take, for...

Personal InjuryandPremises Liability

An Accidental Gunshot Results in a $3 Million Jury Verdict in a Premises Liability Case in California

Here in California, the law recognized several types of “duties,” which are legal obligations that people and entities have to others. One of those is the general duty every person and/or entity has to “exercise reasonable care for the safety of others.” If you are hurt because someone didn’t act reasonably to fulfill that obligation, then that failure may constitute negligence. If that negligence took place while you were on someone else’s property, then you may have a potentially winning claim for premises liability and the opportunity to collect a substantial amount in compensation. An experienced San Mateo injury attorney...

Personal InjuryandPremises Liability

How a Skilled California Attorney Can Help You Avoid Having Second Thoughts About that Case Settlement You Authorized

There are almost countless ways that an experienced San Mateo personal injury attorney can help you after you’ve been hurt in an accident. Your attorney can be essential as you litigate at trial. Your attorney also can be just as (if not more) instrumental when it comes time to engage in the settlement process. An experienced attorney will be able to advise you, based on his/her past cases and other knowledge, what your case is approximately worth. That can be key as you seek not to shortchange yourself by making a settlement offer that’s too low. It can also be...

Auto AccidentsandPremises Liability

How a Pair of California Restaurant Customers Were Able to Hold the Eatery’s Landlord Liable After a Car Crashed into the Property… and into Them

Your auto accident case may sometimes seem like a frustrating endeavor. There’s the possibility that the driver who hit you had minimal (or no) insurance coverage and few personal assets, making your chances of recovering full compensation for your substantial injuries low. Especially in these times, a skilled San Mateo personal injury attorney can help a great deal. If you get the right legal team on your side from the start, your attorney can do the in-depth investigation necessary to discover the alternate avenues for compensation that may exist to give you a better chance of getting you the total...

Car AccidentandPersonal InjuryandPremises Liability

How One California Teen Overcame a Defense Claim of Statutory Immunity in Her Premises Liability Case

In your premises liability case, as with any injury case, you have to clear several hurdles. You, of course, have to give the court sufficient proof that shows the defendant was negligent and that this negligence caused you harm. You may also, though, need to avoid things like affirmative defenses and statutory immunity provisions that could defeat an otherwise strong case. Having a skilled San Mateo premises liability attorney by your side throughout the process can greatly increase your chances of clearing these hurdles and achieving success. Overcoming statutory immunity can be a very big deal in your case because,...

Motorcycle AccidentsandPersonal InjuryandPremises Liability

A Falling Pine Tree Branch in a California Park Kills One Woman, Puts Three People in the Hospital

A lot of times, when you hear the words “premises liability,” you might first think of a slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accident in a store or other place of business. The reality is, though, that the law of premises liability in California exists to protect more than shoppers and other guests on commercial properties. It can include slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall accidents, but also swimming pool accidents or broken sidewalk accidents, as well. Basically, if you’ve been hurt on property belonging to someone else because they didn’t keep their property sufficiently safe, you may have a case for compensation and should contact...

Personal InjuryandPremises Liability

If I Contract COVID-19 at a Business Establishment, Do I Have a Premises Liability Case under California Law?

News reports have revealed a new surge of COVID-19 cases. CNN reported that, on June 23, California logged more than 7,000 new cases. That was a new record. The old record? Just over 5,000… on June 22. It’s clear the dangers of COVID-19 aren’t going away anytime soon, and that may lead you to a question: what happens if I become infected as a result of visiting a store, restaurant or other establishment? Do I have any legal recourse for that business’s failure to protect me? Depending on the facts of your case, you may have a basis for a...

Premises Liability

What a California Court’s Ruling in an Injured Baseball Spectator’s Case Can Say About Your Injury Lawsuit

Many of us have heard a lot on the cable news channels about the importance of “precedent” in the law in recent years. Precedent is, of course, very important. It means that, generally, if past rulings said that a defendant was not liable in a particular set of circumstances, then you typically won’t win your case if the circumstances surrounding your injury were substantially similar to those past cases. Sometimes, though, the law should – and does – change. Just because previous injured people have lost their cases that seem similar to yours, that alone is not reason to give...

Personal InjuryandPremises Liability

A Family and a California City Reach a $7.3M Settlement After a Falling Tree Branch Severely Injured a Two-Year-Old Girl

If your family is harmed in a serious accident, there are many hurdles you must clear to achieve a full and fair recovery through litigation. You must be able to prove exactly how extensively you and your family have been harmed. However, before you do that, you first have to choose correctly when it comes to naming a defendant in your case. Sometimes, the question of who was at fault may be murky. When that happens you and your legal team need to be sure you correctly assessed the situation and correctly identified the party (or parties) legally culpable. Naming...

Personal InjuryandPremises Liability

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