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Dealing With Injuries Suffered as a Result of a Bad-Weather Auto Accident in Northern California

Many people gravitate to northern California for its beautiful climate, but our area is no stranger to bad weather. Whether it's fog, rain, or ice, it can have a massive impact on road conditions. If you've been hurt in a fog (or other bad weather) crash, it is vitally important to do a genuinely thorough investigation of your accident, which means it is essential to have an experienced San Mateo auto accident lawyer on your side. The most recent of these kinds of tragic fog-related accidents occurred to our east in Tuolumne County earlier this month. In dense fog, a...

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What a Recent Fatal Accident, and One Driver’s Criminal Charges, Can Teach About Negligence Lawsuits in California

There can be lots of different reasons why the driver who hit you in a vehicle crash did so. Sometimes, it's just flawed driving; other times, it's something more. Maybe they were speeding, maybe they were texting while driving, or maybe they were under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If the driver who hit you was cited or charged criminally in connection with the accident that harmed you, then that citation or conviction may be very important to your civil case. Check with a knowledgeable San Mateo vehicle accident lawyer about your legal options if you were hit by...

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Getting the Most from Your California Auto Accident Lawsuit, Even if Your Were Partly to Blame for the Crash

First and foremost, we all hope that, when we get into a vehicle, we won't be in a collision. Failing that, we all hope that, if we are in a crash, the evidence will show that we were free of any blame for the accident. Real-life accidents, though, are often filled with many actions by various drivers that impact who is at fault for the crash and who isn't, making the issue of liability one colored in shades of gray. If you were hurt in one of those not-black-and-white crashes, you need the help of a skilled San Mateo auto...

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Millions of Seniors Still Drive, Study Finds

As we get older, it becomes more difficult to do many everyday activities – and driving is no different. Despite the challenges associated with driving as a senior citizen, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that 78 percent of people age 70 and above – about 22 million seniors – are still driving. We’re all familiar with media stories that involve senior citizens driving off the road, and sometimes injuring the unsuspecting people around them. While seniors are responsible for their share of automobile collisions, statistics show that generally speaking, older drivers are not as much of a harm...

Car Accident

Have a Problem with Texting While Driving? There’s an App for That

Countless studies have shown that texting while driving can be dangerous – which is likely why California, and 38 other states, has laws against it. However, these laws are not proving to be as strong of a deterrent as first hoped given that a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) study found that roughly 100,000 motorists are texting while driving at any given time on our nation’s roadways – consequently making the roads more dangerous for everyone and increasing the likelihood of car accidents. The Hazards Of Texting While Driving Unfortunately, many motorists are just not getting the message that...

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Chain-Reaction Crashes, Negligence, and Liability in California Civil Actions

In any chain-reaction accident, questions of fault and liability can be especially complicated. If you're hurt in a chain-reaction crash, it is especially important to have an experienced San Mateo auto accident lawyer with the ability to do a complete and thorough investigation. Who was liable and who, therefore, potentially owes you an award of damages depends on the precise factual details of how the accident unfolded, and the way you discover those details is, among other things, through careful and in-depth accident scene investigation. As a tragic real-life example, there's this chain-reaction incident from Contra Costa County covered by...

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Explosion Accidents In San Mateo

When an explosion or fire happens on the job or elsewhere, it often results in serious burn injuries to people who were in the area at the wrong time. These injuries typically require extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation to repair. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury in an explosion or fire, speak with a San Mateo explosion injury attorney promptly about your rights. Contact us online or call (650) 345-8484 to get help now. Explosion Injury Lawyers In San Mateo At the law firm of Galine, Frye, Fitting & Frangos, we provide personal attention and knowledgeable representation to clients...

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Drunk Driving Increases In San Francisco, Contra Costa Counties

With the 2010 holiday season in the rearview mirror, it’s time to look at the impact it had upon the Bay Area. The period between Dec. 17 and Jan. 3 is regarded as the highpoint for drunk driving, where an escalation in partying is met by a heightened police crackdown on DUI. This stretch usually provides an excellent snapshot on the state of drunk driving in San Francisco, because alcohol-related arrests, accidents and fatalities are well-documented during this time each year. Sadly, this year saw a rise in DUI arrests in both San Francisco and Contra Costa Counties, as reported...

Car Accident

A Midnight Crash in Millbrae Leaves One Woman Dead and Many Questions Unanswered

Sometimes, auto accidents resulting in injury may be shrouded in mystery. It may be unclear why the drivers involved did what they did. When that happens, it doesn't mean that you cannot go to court, win a civil case and recover compensation. It may just mean that your case needs an experienced San Mateo vehicle accident lawyer to help you get to the bottom of that "mystery" and put together a winning case of negligence against those responsible. Take, for example, a fatal accident from Millbrae that occurred a few months ago. According to the Palo Alto Daily Post, the...

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Drivers Undeterred By California Anti-Texting Laws

Across the nation, distracted driving has become an epidemic due to drivers of all ages talking or texting on handheld devices. To curb distracted driving – and ultimately reduce the car accidents attributed to distracted driving – the federal government and private organizations have initiated campaigns to promote safe driving practices. Many states, including California, have further built on these initiatives by legislating anti-texting bans and hands-free laws. In 2008, California’s “hands-free” law required drivers to put down their cell phones and use hands-free devices when talking while driving. According to the Automobile Club of Southern California, the number of...

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