Car Crashes More Prevalent On Certain Bay Area Roads

Car Crashes More Prevalent On Certain Bay Area Roads Certain roads in the San Francisco Bay Area are more dangerous to drive than others. These are typically U.S. 101, Interstates 80, 880, 280 and Highway 1 and 5. The reasons for the higher level of driving risks on these roads vary, but can be attributed to things like traffic congestion, landscape curves, precipices, aggressive, distracted or drunk drivers, and construction projects. In addition, motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable on these roads. Although all drivers should drive defensively, special care should be taken when navigating these particular routes. U.S. 101 As part of the Pacific Coast Highway system, U.S. 101 is both a well-known and well-traveled road. This may be a factor in why it is frequently congested, causing many motor vehicle accidents to occur on this stretch of San Francisco freeway. Recently, a 36-year-old man was struck and killed on 101 while helping with an overturned vehicle near Santa Margarita. Another girl, only 16 years old, was also killed when the vehicle she was riding in was struck, fell down a ditch and hit a tree. Her 17-year-old driver had been drinking. 80, 880 and 280 One of the main issues increasing the I-880 corridor’s danger these days, which includes I-80 to the north and I-280 to the south and east, is the major road improvement project that began in 2006 and should end in 2014. As recently as early December a woman was killed when she struck the concrete center median on I-880, travelled to the other side of the road, hit some attenuator barrels and then spun back into the traffic where she was struck multiple times. These types of accidents occur too often. Highways 1 and 5 California Highway 1 stretches from north of San Francisco to where it meets U.S. 101 at Leggett. This stretch is known as the Shoreline Highway. It is a beautiful, but curvy road, which increases its danger. According to an independent blog that compiled accident data from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration for 2004 to 2008, Highway 5 ranks 32 out of 100 in the list of deadliest highways. There were 674 fatal accidents that occurred on Highway 5 during this period, which is almost one accident per mile.

Proceed with Caution

Dangerous California Roads
Motorbike on the empty road riding
When it comes to driving on the freeways and highways that surround San Francisco, motorists should exercise heightened caution on certain roads to avoid motor vehicle accidents, injuries and death. If you or your loved one was injured on or around one of these major stretches of road, you are urged to contact an experienced personal injury attorney in the Bay Area for a confidential discussion about legal services that may be available to you to help you recover for vehicle damage, lost wages and medical costs.

California Roads Are Notorious For Their Curves

While drivers must always exercise sufficient caution while driving, certain conditions require a greater level of attention and responsibility. On the roads of California, such as Highway 1, the views are truly outstanding. However, the roads themselves can be particularly difficult to navigate without careful attention. With the breathtaking views combined with difficult curves, accidents can and do happen more often. According to the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS), when a driver is speeding or even simply driving too fast for the condition of the road, like curves, the likelihood of getting into a crash is significantly higher. Given that the roads in the Bay Area are notorious for their hills and curves, this can make it even more dangerous to drive without complete attention on the road.

Speeding Around California Curves Is Dangerous And Makes The Driver Liable

The OTS notes that when a driver is speeding, they are less capable of navigating around curves, have less time to react to a potentially fatal situation, and also have an extended safe stopping distance, which may go unaccounted for. When you have been in an accident, and another driver was speeding, they violate the rules of the road and are by default liable for the damages that result from the activities. It can be difficult to determine if other drivers involved in your accident were speeding beforehand. Having an experienced car accident attorney for your auto accident claim to ask the right questions is of particular value in ensuring that your attorney applies the relevant facts of the accident in determining fault and recovering from your losses.

Car Crashes Are More Prevalent With Younger Drivers Due To Technology Use

One of the most dangerous conditions on the road in the modern environment is that of distracted driving. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, distracted driving claims thousands of lives each year on the road and is when the driver is engaging in any activity that diverts their attention from driving, such as talking or texting on the phone, using a smartphone for any reason, or even fiddling with the in-dash display. When you are moving at high speeds, a driver taking their eyes off the road for even a moment can lead to an accident. Accidents happen more often with younger drivers as they are more likely to be using their smartphones. The variation in driver behavior will impact the factors that might have influenced the accident you were involved in. Reaching out to an experienced car accident attorney for your auto accident claim will help ensure that the other parties answer the right questions to determine whether the other drivers involved in your accident were paying attention or distracted and liable for your damages.

A Local Car Accident Attorney Is Familiar With The Roads And Danger Zones

With an experienced car accident attorney in your area, you have the advantage of someone with a knowledge and understanding of the local roads and environment. Accidents are more prevalent in some areas of any city due to the design of the roads, the function of the lights, and other factors. You might know a certain roundabout is notorious for causing accidents or a sign that blocks a view at an intersection where crashes always happen. A local personal injury attorney can help with car crashes in the Bay Area through informed and experienced legal advocacy.

California Drivers Speed More And Cause More Deaths

California is experiencing an increasing rate of speeding-related fatal and serious injuries, especially in Los Angeles, according to OTS. In California, the highest number of fatal accidents and those that caused serious injury due to speeding occurred in Los Angeles, followed by San Diego, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, Kern, Alameda, San Joaquin, and the counties of Sacramento. If you have suffered an injury in an accident in these counties, the statistics dictate that it is more likely that the other driver may have been speeding. Car crashes in the Bay Area are more prevalent as a result of the conditions of the roads and the greater likelihood of speeding in those areas. A local car accident attorney who knows the area and the process of collecting evidence for your accident claim will support the best outcome of your case.

Bay Area Roads FAQs

Are California Roads The Safest In The Nation?

While the roads of California like the Scenic Highway 1 might be some of the nation’s most beautiful, they are also more dangerous, as beautiful views distract drivers from the road.

What conditions are particularly dangerous on California roads?

California roads in the major cities are very congested, leading to more close-contact motor vehicle collisions, and the prevalence of speeding on the highways leads to more accidents involving serious injuries and fatalities.

If a speeding driver hits me, am I responsible for not paying more attention?

No, when a driver breaks the law and causes an accident, you can hold them liable for the damages they caused. An experienced car accident lawyer in your area can help collect the relevant evidence to determine the other driver’s liability.

How do I know what the other drivers in my accident were doing?

It can be difficult to accurately know what another driver was doing in the moments leading up to an accident, but these facts will determine the liability of the involved parties. Your attorney will use police reports, witness statements, and other evidence collected to demonstrate the facts in your case.


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