How Much Do People Get Paid From Construction Accident Settlement?

How Much Do People Get Paid From Construction Accident Settlement? Despite construction workers abiding by all safety regulations, several risks exist on these worksites that can lead to an accident with tragic results. Handling heavy machinery and performing hard physical labor make construction one of the nation's most dangerous jobs. Even though hazards can pop up at any point, construction workers still have a right to a safe work environment. If you suffered an injury in a construction accident, you shouldn’t face this difficult time alone. An experienced construction accident attorney can help you pursue a claim for workers' compensation benefits if you suffered an injury on the job. They can explore your rights to hold other parties liable for additional losses. Let a skilled construction accident lawyer help get your claim on the right track and recover the compensation you need to heal and move forward.

Who Can I Hold Liable for a Construction Site Injury?

People Get Paid From Construction Depending on the circumstances of your case, many different parties may be responsible for a construction accident. It is not uncommon for multiple parties to cause an accident. Proving liability in a construction accident case requires the help of an experienced construction accident lawyer. If you or someone you love suffered an injury in an accident on a construction site, understanding who may be held responsible for the cost of your medical expenses and losses is essential. Here are some parties you might bring a claim against after a construction accident.

Construction Company

The company you work for will need to provide workers' compensation coverage for injured workers. This also means you cannot sue your employer for negligence because workers' compensation is a no-fault system. Before settling or accepting workers' compensation benefits, you should consult with a construction accident attorney about the potential value of your lawsuit. If you are an independent contractor on a site, you will not have workers’ comp coverage, but this opens up the possibility of suing a negligent company for compensation.

Construction site owner

Depending on the amount of control the property owner has, they may be liable for an accident on a construction site. If a defective or dangerous property element led to your accident and the construction site owner should have reasonably known about it, they may be found responsible for the accident.

Product manufacturer

Materials contaminated with asbestos or crane collapses are just some product defects on construction sites. Accidents that occur due to defective equipment are not uncommon, and in these injury cases, it is not unusual for the product manufacturer to face legal responsibility. A construction site accident lawyer can help determine if you should pursue a product liability claim against the manufacturer. Construction companies are often responsible for accidents involving workers, drivers, and pedestrians in and around worksites. Companies often injure employees by failing to train employees or following OSHA regulations. Whether you were an employee or a non-employee injured in a construction site accident, you are entitled to pursue compensation for your injuries. Because every construction site accident is unique, you should consider consulting with a construction accident lawyer who can help determine liability in your case.

Compensation Available in Construction Accident Cases

Through a workers' compensation claim, you can recover compensation for the cost of medical treatment and lost earnings. By filing a personal injury lawsuit, however, your options for payment will only increase. Here are some examples of the compensation a victim of a construction site accident may recover in a third-party claim:
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost earnings or wages
  • Emotional pain and suffering
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Punitive damages
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
Punitive damages are available in cases where the defendant engaged in especially harmful behavior. The court awards punitive damages to deter others from committing the same acts in the future. Consulting an experienced construction accident attorney before accepting any settlement offer is in your best interest. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation with one of our lawyers, who will discuss your situation and options with you in depth.

Workers’ Compensation and Third-Party Injury Claims

If you are working on a construction site and suffer an injury or illness, your employer must provide you with workers’ compensation benefits. Reporting your injury or illness as soon as possible after an accident may help prevent any issues with your case. Submit a written report of your account of the accident, and include specific details such as where the accident took place and how your injuries have affected you. Once your employer completes an accident report, get a copy for your records and as supporting evidence for your claim. Consider requesting written statements from anyone who witnessed the accident. Workers’ compensation benefits go to injured employees to help cover the cost of medical expenses and lost income. If you cannot work for an extended time, you can seek disability benefits. Insurance companies try to limit workers’ comp benefits, so you should have a lawyer helping you with this process. Treating construction injuries can cost tens of thousands of dollars. If a third party was involved in the accident that caused your injuries, such as a product manufacturer, you could receive additional compensation through a third-party claim. A lawyer with ample experience representing victims of construction accidents is beneficial.

Contact a Construction Accident Lawyer Today

Construction accident lawyers understand that injuries on these worksites can derail your life. Don't face the stress alone. Let a construction accident lawyer meet all deadlines and obtain all the benefits available in your case. Get in touch with an experienced legal team to discuss the potential value of your construction accident claim.

Construction Accident FAQs

If I’m collecting workers’ compensation benefits, can I still file a lawsuit against the person or entities responsible for my injuries?

When someone other than your employer contributed to the accident that led to your injuries, you may be entitled to bring a lawsuit against the other responsible parties through a third-party liability lawsuit.

What steps should I take to protect my rights after a workplace accident?

Your first step after a construction accident is to seek medical care as soon as possible. Once your primary care provider has assessed your injuries, submit a written report of the accident to your supervisor.

What are some common injuries that occur on construction sites?

Construction sites are notoriously dangerous workplaces. The most common injury that construction workers suffer is bone fractures. Construction workers can sustain laceration injuries, muscle strains, concussions, neck, amputation, and even spinal cord injuries.

How long will it take for my construction accident case to settle?

Factors like the legal complexity of your case will determine how long it may take for your construction accident case to settle. Every case is unique. The best way to determine how long it may take for your case to settle is by consulting an experienced construction accident lawyer. Our lawyers are here to answer any questions you may have about your case during an initial consultation.

Steps to Take After a Construction Site Accident

Seek Medical Care Immediately

After being in a construction site accident where you've sustained an injury, you should seek medical attention immediately. If your injuries are severe and you cannot make the call, have a co-worker call 911 for you. Even if you feel fine or believe you've only sustained minor injuries, schedule an appointment with your physician as soon as possible. Symptoms of more severe injuries may not show up for days or even weeks after the accident. Have your doctor assess the full extent of your injuries. Seeing a doctor will also help document the injuries you’ve sustained. In some cases, a construction company may try to show that the accident happened or manipulate details of the incident. Keeping evidence such as medical records will be helpful if you decide to file a workers’ compensation claim or pursue a personal injury lawsuit.

Report the Accident

Filing a report of the accident is the next step you should take after seeking medical attention. There are various reasons why most construction accidents go unreported, the most common being that workers do not want to jeopardize their job. Some companies may even discourage an employee from reporting an accident, fearing that it can damage their reputation and potentially lead to penalties from OSHA. Reporting the accident is essential to help document the incident and create awareness of any unsafe work conditions that can lead to another accident. Remember the person who accepts your report and the date you submitted it. Your employer may ask you to complete additional forms related to workers' compensation; however, before signing any documents or accepting a settlement, you should consult with an experienced construction accident lawyer.

Collect Evidence

Taking down important details of the accident is essential. Note where, when, and how the accident happened. It is also a good idea to keep note of the names and addresses of anyone who witnessed the accident. Take photos of the accident scene if you physically can, and capture pictures of the area where you suffered an injury and any defective equipment. Preserving as much evidence as possible will come in handy for your case in the future. When filing for workers’ compensation, all of these details will serve as critical evidence and allow for the investigation of your case to run smoothly. If you suffered a severe injury, have a co-worker collect the necessary evidence on your behalf. Your attorney will be sure to contact witnesses as early as possible after the accident while their memory of what happened remains fresh. Keep track of all your medical records and costs. All documents regarding your medical care, treatments, and medications should include the name of your doctor and the date of service, if applicable. The emotional stress of your medical costs piling up can be incredibly overwhelming. If you suffered an injury in a workplace accident, you might be eligible to receive compensation for your medical expenses, lost earnings, and emotional pain and suffering. Let one of our experienced construction accident attorneys evaluate your claim and advise you on the next best steps.

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John Frye
John Frye, Construction Accident Lawyer
After a construction accident, you may have sustained severe injuries that make it challenging to meet your financial obligations. Companies must provide workers' compensation insurance if a worker suffers an injury on a construction site. To receive workers' compensation benefits, you must file an accident report with your employer. You must obey all the rules and meet all deadlines to receive all the benefits you need and deserve. Consulting with a construction accident lawyer who can provide you with the right legal advice will maximize the value of your claim. If the benefits you've received from workers' compensation insurance don't cover the cost of your medical expenses, you should consider filing a personal injury claim. When a construction worker suffers an injury from someone other than a co-worker, subcontractor, or employer's negligence, they can file a third-party lawsuit. The most common third-party claims are product liability and negligence lawsuits. While you focus on getting back to normal, let a skilled construction accident attorney handle all the paperwork, investigate the accident and negotiate a better settlement than you might otherwise receive. Construction accident cases are often complex and require the experience of a knowledgeable attorney. Never wait to learn about your options and begin the process of seeking compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and potentially more. For reliable advice and powerful advocacy to get you everything you're owed in your case, get in touch with the experienced attorneys at Galine, Frye, Fitting & Frangos, LLP. Contact us at 650-345-8484 or through our website.


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