How Many People Die in Construction Accidents?

How Many People Die in Construction Accidents? One thousand sixty-one workers died in private-industry construction accidents in a recent year, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Note that this figure only captures construction workers in the private sector. Even more people, including non-construction workers and construction workers in the public industry, may have died in construction accidents that same year. If your loved one passed away in a construction accident, you have options for securing justice. You may also pursue justice for non-fatal construction accident injuries. The best way to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve is to contact a construction accident lawyer as soon as possible following the incident.

What to Do After a Construction Accident?

People Die In Construction AccidentsYou may receive mixed messages about what to do after a construction accident. Your employer, insurance companies, and other interested parties may urge you to do this or not do that. These parties have their own interests to consider, so the first thing you might do is hire your own attorney. A lawyer familiar with construction accident cases can:
  • Review the facts of your case
  • Explain how other parties might be trying to take advantage of you
  • Explain what you should and should not be doing for your construction accident case
  • Form a plan of action while you focus on your health
Your attorney will likely advise you to seek immediate and ongoing medical attention. You must monitor your injuries and establish a clear link between your construction accident and the resulting injuries. Your attorney may also recommend that:
  • You do not make any on-record statements without advising them first
  • You do not admit fault for your accident to anybody
  • You do not try to resume work or other activities that can put your health at risk
  • You leave legal and insurance matters to your attorney
An attorney will look out for your health and financial recovery.

How Can I Seek Compensation for a Construction Accident?

The way you seek compensation for a construction accident will depend on:
  • Whether you were working on the construction site: If you were an employee injured during your job, then a workers’ compensation claim may be most appropriate. However, if your construction accident (as a worker) occurred because of a third party’s negligence like defective machinery you may pursue a lawsuit against that third party.
  • Whether you were visiting or near the construction site: If you were an invited visitor at the construction site, or were near a construction site, then you may file a lawsuit for any damages you’ve suffered.
Certain types of insurance may cover injuries to non-workers involved in construction accidents. Each case is different, and an attorney can advise you on how to pursue compensation for your losses. Note that the damages a lawsuit covers are generally broader than the damages an insurance claim covers. This may affect your decision of how to pursue compensation for your construction accident.

How an Attorney Can Help with Your Construction Accident Case?

An attorney can help with most, if not all, aspects of your construction accident case. Your lawyer may advise you to spend your time on treatment and rest while they handle your claim or lawsuit. Personal injury attorneys generally help construction accident victims by:

Building an Evidence-Backed Case

When it comes to insurance claims and personal injury cases, the more evidence available, the stronger your case may be. Your attorney and their team will seek all evidence that is relevant to your case, which may include:
  • Video footage of your construction accident
  • Witness accounts of the accident
  • Incident reports provided by the company overseeing the construction site
  • Photographs of the accident scene
  • Experts’ testimony or reconstructions of your accident
Attorneys must work with the available evidence. Your lawyer will collect and organize any evidence that supports your case for financial awards.

Calculating Damages

Your lawyer must prove that you’ve suffered damages from your construction accident. Helpful documentation of your damages may include:
  • Invoices for medical treatment, medications, and other injury-related services
  • Proof that you’ve missed work and not earned your usual wage after your construction accident
  • Mental health professionals’ diagnoses of your emotional anguish
  • Doctors’ diagnoses of your injuries
An attorney should secure any other documentation that is relevant to your case.

Dealing with the Daily Responsibilities of a Construction Accident Case

Lawyers do the unglamorous tasks common to construction accident claims and lawsuits. From drafting and filing paperwork to dealing with insurance companies and other attorneys, your lawyer will take these time-consuming (but essential) responsibilities off your hands.

Leading Settlement Negotiations

Liable parties may be willing to pay you fairly for your damages. Your layer will explore this possibility by negotiating a settlement. A trial may be necessary in your case. Your law firm will make your case in court if required.

Recoverable Damages for Construction Accident Victims

Data suggests construction accidents are far more costly to victims than other professional accidents. As a result of your accident, you and your family may:
  • Face great financial hardship: The odds are that you work construction to support yourself and your loved ones. If you can't work, you cannot earn income. This reality and the pressures of medical bills and other expenses may place you under tremendous financial pressure.
  • Suffer psychological and emotional distress: Being in a construction accident is distressing in its own right. The uncertainty of being unable to work, undergoing regular medical care, and losing your health may be even more difficult. Your pain and suffering may be a recoverable loss in your case.
  • Cause lifelong health problems: Serious injuries may cause lifelong symptoms and disabilities. An attorney will consider this possibility as they calculate the actual cost of your accident-related damages.
Tragically, construction accidents can even claim victims’ lives. A construction accident lawyer can lead any wrongful death claim that you want to pursue.

Call a Construction Accident Attorney Today to Start Your Case

Time may be winding down on your construction accident claim. A construction accident attorney will work quickly to beat any filing deadlines that you face. Call a construction attorney near you today for a free consultation about your construction accident case.


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