Video From Here in San Mateo Shows a Near Tragedy as a SUV Almost Runs Over Child in a Crosswalk

Video From Here in San Mateo Shows a Near Tragedy as a SUV Almost Runs Over Child in a Crosswalk

Thousands of pedestrians are hurt every year in California and hundreds more die. Often, the causes of these accidents are drivers who were going too fast, drivers who were distracted by their phones or other electronic devices, drivers who were driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, and drivers who were driving while impaired by drowsiness/fatigue. If you've been hurt in an accident like this, recognize that prompt action is essential. Part of that includes getting in touch with a knowledgeable San Mateo pedestrian accident lawyer.

A harrowing scene from here in San Mateo caught the eyes of the news staff at ABC 7 recently. The video starts with a woman and two small children approaching an intersection. The woman presses the appropriate button, the crosswalk's beacon light begin to flash, and the family starts to cross the street.

All three are within the crosswalk when a dark Ford SUV barrels through the intersection, coming so close to one of the children that the SUV's right rear tire clips the front wheel of the child's scooter (but thankfully avoiding contact with the child herself, who was unhurt.)

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According to ABC 7's report, residents of the Bay Meadows neighborhood "reached out to city leaders to demand action" in the aftermath of the near tragedy.

This child was one of the lucky ones. In 2018, nearly 900 pedestrians lost their lives on this state's roadways, an increase of 26% over the last four years, according to the Office of Traffic Safety. Another 14,000 pedestrians suffered injuries in accidents. Additionally, California's rate of pedestrian deaths is nearly 25% higher than the national average, making the state an inglorious #1 for pedestrian deaths.

Sometimes, Part of the Problem Lies with the Intersection Itself

John Frye
John Frye, Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

As noted above, vehicle drivers are often to blame for pedestrian injuries and deaths. Sometimes, though, the fault rests on more than just the vehicle driver. A pedestrian's injury or death may have been the result of unsafe road conditions and the local government's failure to fix or address the hazard in a timely manner.

If you sue a governmental entity for a hazardous road condition, It's not enough simply to show that the intersection was dangerous, you also have to prove that the responsible entity knew about the problem (or should have known about it,) and that it failed to take appropriate corrective action despite having had a reasonable length of time to do so.

According to the ABC 7 report, the near-miss involving this little girl was not the first time that local residents had identified the intersection as a problem, and they had notified the city about it. A local HOA president told ABC 7, "we've been writing emails, we've been speaking at city council meetings," If your injury eventually triggers a need for litigation, evidence of this type can be very helpful.

Pedestrian accidents occur with surprising frequency here in San Mateo County. If you've been harmed in a collision like this, don't assume your case is too small or is something you can handle without skillful legal representation, Instead, reach out to the helpful San Mateo personal injury attorneys at Galine, Frye, Fitting & Frangos, LLP for the knowledgeable advice and diligent advocacy you need. Our team has the right experience necessary to help you get everything you deserve. Contact us at 650-345-8484 or through our website.


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