Legal Options if You are Injured by a Self-Driving Vehicle in California

Legal Options if You are Injured by a Self-Driving Vehicle in California


Modern technology brings with it many new advances, including new developments regarding the vehicles we rely upon every day. One of theSelf-Driving Injuries in California newest such technologies is self-driving vehicles. While autonomous vehicles have the potential to be a safety boon, they also have the possibility of causing injuries if they do not operate as they should. If that happens, and someone is hurt in the process, that injured person may be entitled to compensation for their injuries. If you are hurt in an auto accident, whether involving a human-operated or autonomous vehicle, you should act promptly to contact an experienced California car accident lawyer about your case.

ABC 7 News reported on an accident from the Bay Area that was an example of an autonomous vehicle crash with tragic results. Walter was a 38-year-old man who worked as an engineer. Last year, he took a new job at Apple and bought a new Tesla. The report indicated that, according to relatives, Walter noticed a recurring problem with the self-driving feature of the vehicle. Every time he passed the same concrete barrier on Highway 101 near Mountain View on autopilot mode, the vehicle veered toward it. According to the report, Walter noticed this problem on at least seven occasions. He even took the Tesla to the dealership.

On a Friday in late March, Walter was traveling to work from his home in Foster City. While traveling southbound on 101, he again passed the concrete barrier. This time, the vehicle slammed into the barrier, killing the engineer.

Walter’s was simply a single-vehicle accident with a single victim, but other accidents involving driverless vehicles have injured others and prompted lawsuits. Recently, the Mercury News reported on a motorcyclist who sued as a result of the injuries he suffered in a Dec. 7 crash. The motorcyclist alleged that a self-driving Chevrolet Bolt aborted a lane change in San Francisco and instead swerved into his bike. The motorcyclist sued General Motors for the negligent driving of the automated vehicle.

If you are injured in an accident with a self-driving vehicle, you may have various legal options available to you. In particular, your case may give you the opportunity to sue multiple different defendants. One potential defendant obviously is the manufacturer of the vehicle, such as General Motors or Tesla. If, however, your accident involved a situation in which the vehicle was in autonomous mode but had a person in the driver’s seat, your case may also permit you to sue that human who was behind the wheel and get an additional chance at compensation.

Additionally, it is very possible that the autonomous vehicle that hit you did so due to an error. Depending on the source of that error, you may be able to name the entity that created the software that guided the vehicle, the manufacturer that made a sensor that failed, or a repair facility for its failure to keep the vehicle and its driverless technology properly maintained.

Your auto accident case needs skilled legal representation to ensure that you get the full compensation that you deserve. The diligent San Mateo auto accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Galine, Frye, Fitting & Frangos have been helping injured drivers and families of victims in fatal accidents pursue their legal cases effectively to achieve successful results for many years. To set up a free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys, contact us at 650-345-8484 or through our website.

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