A Young California Motorcyclist Dies as a Result of an Intersection Crash in Redondo Beach 

A Young California Motorcyclist Dies as a Result of an Intersection Crash in Redondo Beach 

A lot of people harbor prejudiced stereotypes about reckless, thrill-seeking "adrenaline junkies" aboard motorcycles, but the reality revealed by actual crash data shows that most motorcycle crashes involve sober motorcyclists and speeds below 30 mph. Many motorcycle accidents are the result of car, truck, and SUV drivers who are insufficiently attentive behind the wheel or were otherwise driving negligently. If you have been injured -- or your family has lost a loved one -- in a motorcycle crash as a result of another driver's failure to exercise reasonable care behind the wheel, don't wait to contact an experienced Santa Barbara motorcycle accident lawyer to discuss your circumstances.

According to the National Safety Council, motorcyclist "deaths have increased 19%, while death rates have increased 29%" in the last 10 years. In yet another tragic illustration, a teenage motorcyclist died in a crash to our south that occurred earlier this month. According to a news report from NBC Los Angeles, the teen was traveling southbound on PCH and approaching an intersection in Redondo Beach. Around the same time, a woman headed northbound on PCH in a Toyota sedan began executing left-hand turn to travel westbound on an intersecting street. The car and the motorcycle collided, and the motorcyclist died a short time later at a nearby hospital.

A motorcycle lies overturned on the road, its helmet nearby, following a collision with a car.

As of the time of publication of news reports, the police were continuing to investigate but indicated that "neither alcohol nor drugs appear to be a factor." 

A considerable portion of serious motorcycle accidents involve car/truck/SUV drivers turning left. According to the Insurance Information Institute, roughly 3 of every 7 (42%) of all motorcycle crashes are left-turn accidents. Of those, more than 1 in 3 (36%) play out with the car/truck/SUV partially completing the turn. The motorcyclist, who cannot avoid the vehicle in his/her lane, then T-bones the passenger side of the vehicle, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. These T-bone crashes can be particularly likely to cause catastrophic or fatal injuries to a motorcyclist. The impact has a substantial probability of launching the motorcyclist off his/her bike and into a vehicle or onto the roadway, where they are vulnerable to being run over by other drivers.

How These Crashes Happen

These crashes happen for a variety of reasons. Many times, the car/truck/SUV driver either fails to appreciate how close the oncoming motorcycle is -- or fails to see the motorcyclist at all -- and turns into the path of that motorcyclist. (In the aftermath of a lot of these accidents, the other driver may tell eyewitnesses and/or police that they "never saw" the motorcyclist or that the motorcycle "just came out of nowhere.") In numerous other accidents, the left-turning driver is racing to "beat" a traffic signal that's turning red and speeds carelessly into the oncoming lanes.

Cases arising from these sorts of accidents require the skills that an attorney experienced in motorcycle crash lawsuits can provide. Success involves establishing that the other driver was negligent; specifically, that the other driver improperly failed to yield the right of way. That means first demonstrating that the motorcyclist had the right of way, which sometimes can be a complicated hurdle to clear.  

Additionally, as noted above, prejudice against motorcyclists remains a very real problem. To overcome that, you need a powerful advocate who can develop and present a strong and persuasive case showing how the other driver -- and not you -- was the driver driving negligently. We have experience doing exactly that, having recovered seven-figure amounts for clients who were initially offered only a few thousand dollars from the insurance companies.

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