California Bus Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one suffered injuries during a bus accident, a California bus accident lawyer from Galine, Frye, Fitting & Frangos will fight for the compensation you deserve. Our attorneys have decades of combined experience, and our firm will handle every step of your case.

Bus accident cases can involve several challenges, including determining liability. We will develop a case strategy, value your damages, and fight for your settlement or verdict. For a law firm that will fight tirelessly for you, hire Galine, Frye, Fitting & Frangos.

What Sets Galine, Frye, Fitting & Frangos Apart from Other Law Firms in California?

Team of California Bus Accident Lawyers at Galine, Frye, Fitting, & Frangos

Our firm prides itself on being different. You should expect an uncommonly positive experience when you hire Galine, Frye, Fitting & Frangos. We understand that you have lived through a traumatic experience, and we aim to make your lawsuit or claim as seamless as possible.

Consider hiring your bus accident lawyer from our firm because:

Our Lawyers Have Extensive Experience with Bus Accident Cases

Our lawyers have more than 75 years of combined legal experience, much of which includes leading bus accident cases.

When you hire a lawyer with such extensive experience, you know that we:

  • Have realistic expectations for how your case will unfold
  • Understand the steps necessary to complete your bus accident case
  • Can anticipate the challenges that may arise during your case
  • Are prepared regardless of what happens with your case

Experience is vitally important in the legal field. With Galine, Frye, Fitting & Frangos, you get experience in spades.

Our Firm Prioritizes Your Satisfaction

Our team also defines itself through our high standard of client service.

As our client, you can expect:

  • Patience and compassion in every interaction with your lawyer and our support staff
  • A personalized case strategy built around your needs and goals for your case
  • Frequent case updates
  • Immediate responses to your questions and concerns (and emails, phone calls, and text messages)
  • To have your lawyer’s phone number

We can even ensure you receive proper medical care from a provider who understands how the personal injury process works. Our firm has a personal touch that our former clients know well.

We Will Take Your Case to Trial Without Hesitation

Some law firms are intent on settling cases, and most civil cases do settle. We do what’s best for our clients, including going to trial when necessary.

Our firm does not predetermine case outcomes. We will engage in good-faith settlement negotiations. However, if liable parties are unwilling to pay you fairly, we will be ready for court.

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We Know California Well

Galine, Frye, Fitting & Frangos is a California-focused law firm with offices in:

  • San Mateo
  • Santa Barbara 
  • Hayward

Our focus on California means we are familiar with cities and courts throughout the state. This familiarity will allow us to investigate your bus accident and file your case without delay.

We Have a Proven Record of Success

Our firm has secured many large financial recoveries for our clients, with some prominent case results including:

  • $10 million for victims of professional negligence
  • $4.6 million in a wrongful death case (we represent those affected by fatal bus accidents)
  • $4.55 million in a boating accident case (boating accidents can cause severe injuries, just as a bus accident can)
  • $1.65 million in a construction accident case 
  • $1.2 million in a motorcycle accident case

While these results did not come in bus accident cases, they involved injuries, wrongful deaths, and other outcomes that are present in bus accident cases. Our dynamic attorneys handle a wide variety of cases, and bus accidents are an important practice area for our firm.

Our firm takes its duty to clients extremely seriously. Expect our team to work long hours on your behalf and to fight relentlessly for the entire settlement or verdict you are entitled to.

Who Should Consider Hiring a California Bus Accident Lawyer?

Attorney Ilya D. Frangos and Chantel L. Fitting

We represent many types of clients affected by bus accidents in California, including:

  • Bus passengers: If you were on a bus during an accident, you should receive fair compensation for your damages. You may also pursue a lawsuit or insurance claim if you suffered injuries from a bus driver’s erratic driving.
  • Bus drivers: A bus driver who suffers injuries during an accident may receive compensation for injuries and related damages. Bus drivers can seek justice for other people's negligence if another motorist hits a bus or a bus-related defect results in an accident. 
  • Motor vehicle drivers: When a bus driver strikes a motor vehicle, the driver of the motor vehicle can seek compensation for all accident-related damages.
  • Motor vehicle passengers: Those riding in a motor vehicle during a bus accident can hire our firm to seek money for medical expenses and other damages.
  • Parents of school bus accident victims: School bus accidents are a problem in California, and the rest of America, and we represent victims of such accidents.
  • Pedestrians: When a bus strikes a pedestrian, catastrophic injuries often result. Our California bus accident lawyers seek fair compensation for injured pedestrians.
  • Motorcyclists: Motorcycle accidents often result in severe injuries, especially involving a vehicle as heavy as a bus. We help victims of these accidents secure compensation for their damages.

If you have suffered negative consequences (including injuries or wrongful death) because of a bus accident, call Galine, Frye, Fitting & Frangos for your free consultation.

We Are Familiar With California’s Bus Networks and Private Bus Companies

Because our firm has served bus accident victims throughout California (and because our lawyers live and work in the Golden State), we know the public and private buses operating on our state’s streets. We understand how to hold bus companies, municipalities, and other liable parties responsible for bus accidents.

Some companies (and municipalities) involved in California bus accidents include:

  • Greyhound
  • H&L Charter
  • Megabus
  • Flixbus
  • Shofur
  • Metro Los Angeles and other city-specific public buses
  • Yosemite Area Regional Transportation System
  • Amtrak Thruway
  • Motorcoach
  • School buses

This is a brief list of the buses that populate California’s roads. Each bus accident is unique, and we will investigate your accident to establish liability. Both private and public transportation organizations are responsible for keeping passengers and third parties safe, and we hold them accountable when they fail to do so.

Bus Companies Fight Against Insurance Claims and Lawsuits

Bus companies and municipalities are vulnerable to insurance claims and lawsuits simply by the nature of their services. These parties are generally prepared for insurance claims and lawsuits, knowing these matters are inevitable.

You should fully expect that liable parties will:

  • Fight your claim (through insurance companies, lawyers, and other means)
  • Try to minimize your damages (including your injuries)
  • Resist paying you the compensation you deserve
  • Offer lowball settlements
  • Potentially engage in other bad-faith negotiating tactics

Our firm has handled many challenging cases, and we always aim to secure all the compensation our clients deserve. No matter the challenges we face during your case, we will continue fighting for the entire settlement or verdict you deserve.

How Your Bus Accident Lawyer from Our Firm Will Fight for Your Financial Recovery

John N. Frye, California Personal Injury Attorney

Galine, Frye, Fitting & Frangos employs attorneys and paralegals to oversee every aspect of your case. We also work with investigators and experts who help us build the strongest cases possible.

Our team will:

Immediately Take Over Communications

Bus accident victims must be careful with their words or actions. The slightest misstep or errant sentence can affect your financial recovery. Therefore, your bus accident lawyer from our firm will immediately overtake case-related communications.

Investigate and Document Your Bus Accident as Soon as Possible

Each bus accident poses a unique story, and we will gather all relevant facts about your bus accident.

We will seek all relevant evidence, including:

  • Video footage of the collision
  • Eyewitness testimony about the accident
  • Photographs of the accident scene (or vehicles damaged during the accident)
  • Experts’ reconstructions of the collision 
  • A police report documenting the collision 
  • Statements from those involved in the bus accident

We must obtain evidence as soon as possible. Some evidence, such as video footage from traffic cameras, may not be available for long. We will waste no time investigating your bus accident, but we must hear from you first.

Establish Liability for the Bus Accident

A decade’s worth of data (editor: search “from 2010 to 2020” to find this data) suggests that transit buses and school buses account for the vast majority of bus accidents.

However, we investigate each individual collision to determine:

  • Why the accident happened
  • Who caused the accident
  • Who is liable for the accident (as this will be who is financially responsible for your injuries and damages)

Calculate the Exact Monetary Value of Your Damages

Your damages will be the central focus of our bus accident case. As we create an accounting of your damages, we will determine the exact cost of each.

The ability to accurately calculate damages is one of our firm’s greatest credits to our clients. We will value your non-economic damages (including pain and suffering), which do not always have an obvious financial cost. We will also value any damages you will suffer in the future.

Negotiate a Settlement on Your Behalf

The team at Galine, Frye, Fitting & Frangos will prepare tirelessly for settlement negotiations.

When the time to negotiate arrives, we will:

  • Present our calculation of your damages
  • Present documentation of your damages
  • Explain why we are seeking the settlement that we are demanding from the liable parties
  • Respond to liable parties’ arguments against your case

Our bus accident lawyers have successfully completed many negotiations. We will be fully prepared to argue for the compensation you deserve.

Complete Any Necessary Trial

We may proceed to trial if we do not convince liable parties to offer the settlement you deserve. Your lawyer will discuss the merits of a trial, and you will have the final say on whether to accept a settlement or head to court.

Bus accident cases are time- and energy-intensive undertakings. Our firm knows the ropes, and we are confident in leading your case in California from start to finish.

We Will Take on the Insurance Companies for You

Dealing with insurance companies is a necessary but risky obligation for bus accident victims. While insurers often can cover many (or all) accident-related damages, insurance companies generally look out for one party—themselves.

Because insurers tend to place their own financial interests above accident victims’, you may face:

  • Lowball settlement offers: Insurance companies may dangle quick, lowball settlement offers. If you accept such offers, you will free liable insurers from any further financial responsibility.
  • Hardball negotiation tactics: Insurance companies can be strong negotiators. You may not secure fair compensation from an insurer without a difficult fight.
  • Delays in your case: An insurance company may delay your claim as a negotiating tactic. Our firm will insist that insurers move forth with your claim at a reasonable pace.
  • Attempts to misrepresent the policy: An insurance company might try to misrepresent the details of an insurance policy to its advantage. Your attorney will be familiar with policies, so such attempts will be rendered ineffective.
  • Attempts to misrepresent your words or actions: An insurance company may use your own words or actions against you. For instance, they may claim that you apologizing to someone involved in your accident was an admission of guilt. We will protect you from such bad-faith attempts to blame you for the accident.

Insurance companies can be formidable opponents. However, with our firm on your side, you should have no worries about your case.

Recoverable Damages in Your California Bus Accident Case

We will seek compensation for all of your accident-related damages, which may include:

  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Treatment for pain and suffering
  • Lost income and diminished earning power
  • Lost bonuses and promotions
  • Property expenses (including vehicle repairs, if applicable)

We will consult doctors, mental health professionals, economists, and anyone else who can help us calculate the value of your damages.

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Ilya D. Frangos, California Bus Accident Lawyer

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