Coccyx Spine Fractures

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The coccyx, also called the tailbone, is located at the bottom of the vertebral column of the spine. Held in place by joints and ligaments, the coccyx is composed of bony segments. When an injury or fracture of the tailbone area occurs, it can result in significant pain and discomfort for the victim, in addition to other complications. The recovery process can require surgery and other medical treatment as well as time away from work.

For many victims and their families, obtaining compensation after an accident is crucial and can help bridge the gap between the injury and the recovery process. At the San Mateo law firm of Galine, Frye, Fitting & Frangos, our experienced personal injury lawyers can help you pursue benefits for medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering that was caused by a serious accident in the San Francisco Bay Area.

San Mateo Coccyx Spine Fracture Attorneys

Many coccyx injuries are caused by trauma that is suffered directly to the tailbone area. This can include falls onto the tailbone, usually against a hard surface, and other direct blows to the tailbone such as during a car or other auto accident. Symptoms of a coccyx fracture may include severe pain in the tailbone area, bruising, numbness and tingling.

If the spinal cord is impacted due to the injury, other complications can result, including sensory loss and loss of bladder/bowel function.

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