Femoral Neck Fracture

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A femoral neck fracture is a break of the bone just below the ball of the ball-and-socket hip joint. This region of the bone is referred to as the femoral neck, and when a fracture occurs, the ball becomes disconnected from the rest of the femur. In some cases, this can cause the blood supply to be disrupted, which can stop the healing process and may require the hip to be partially or wholly replaced.

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San Mateo Femoral Neck Fracture Lawyers

Depending on the severity of the fracture, the age of the patient and the amount of displacement, the treatment for a femoral neck fracture can vary. In some cases, a procedure called ‘hip pinning’ is performed, where several screws are placed across the fractured bone. In other cases, the entire ball of the ball-and-socket joint is replaced with a metal prosthesis.

Rehabilitation is generally a lengthy process, regardless of the treatment, and it can take time for people to be able to walk again. It is important to ensure that your compensation provides for the full scope of your treatment and recovery, including any wages that are lost during the recovery process.

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