Pelvic Fracture

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When a fracture of the pelvis occurs, the bony structures of the pelvis are disrupted and significant complications can result. In order for the pelvis to break, significant trauma must occur, often from motor vehicle accidents, significant falls and other serious accidents. Victims of these catastrophic injuries often require compensation to pay for medical bills, lost wages and other expenses related to their injuries.

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San Mateo Pelvic Fracture Attorneys

Since so much trauma is involved with a pelvic fracture, there are often other injuries that can impact organs in the area and other parts of the body. In some cases, severe hemorrhages can be associated with pelvic fractures, due to the large supply of blood in the region.

Pelvic fractures are often classified as Type A, Type B or Type C depending on the severity of the injury. In Type A, the pelvic ring is intact and stable. In Type B, there is a partial disruption of the pelvic ring and these injuries are often unstable. In Type C pelvic fractures, there is a complete disruption of the pelvic ring and the injuries are vertically and rotationally unstable.

Type C injuries are the most severe and require the most extensive medical treatment.

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