Tibia Fracture

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As the major bone of the lower leg, the tibia – also referred to as the shin bone – requires a good amount of impact and trauma to fracture. Resulting from auto accidents, falls and other serious accidents, tibia bone fractures can have significant health complications, including the risk of infection in open fractures. These fractures can vary in size and severity but each can require extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation to repair.

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San Mateo Tibia Fracture Lawyers

There are generally three types of tibia fractures, which are classified based upon the location of the fracture. These include:

  • Tibial shaft fractures: the most common type of tibia fracture between the knee and ankle joints
  • Tibial plateau fractures: occur just below the knee joint
  • Tibial plafond fractures: occur at the bottom of the shin bone around the ankle joint

Treatment for a tibia fracture can range from casts and rodding to plates, screws and surgery. It is important to understand your treatment options and what level of compensation will be necessary to pay for that treatment.

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